Top 5 Football Films


I was going to title this 5 Best Films but football films seem to split people down the middle as good or dreadful – mainly dreadful for acting. You might decide these are the worst 5 football films.

  • 1. The Damned United
  • 2. Escape to Victory
  • 3. Fever Pitch
  • 4. Mike Bassett
  • 5. Mean Machine

For a long time my favourite football related film was Escape to Victory. The only negative side was Rocky/Rambo in goal never really rang true to what was a great football theme. This has been pipped recently by the excellent Damned United showing Leeds United and Derby County etc in the proper First Division football league of the early Seventies and covering a brief period of the brilliant manager Brian Clough. If you want to bring back the nostalgia of the good old days then this is one to watch.

Fever Pitch sneaks on the list because Colin Firth is flavour of the month and at least the girls will let you watch the football so long as they gett to watch Colin!

Mike Bassett was not the best but has it’s moments mocking England and does revolve around football. And any film with a cameo by Pele is worth a mention.

Finally on my list for now is Mean Machine. Again not the greatest ever film but has funny sections and includes soccer – not to be confused with the American version of American Football with Burt Reynolds either. Vinny Jones the ex-player is eclipsed in the film though by Jason Statham in goal as the mad ‘Monk’.

There is bound be many I have missed off like Bend It Like Beckham, When Saturday Comes etc and so long as there is a clip of football shown then they all deserve to be on the list barring the films promoting hooligans and Z-list ‘celebrity’ endorsed funny clip DVDs.

Footnote: There was a one off film made for ITV some years ago called Bostock’s Cup but it seems to have disappeared off the radar.